Separation Anxiety Training in Ellensburg, Wa

One-on-one training and support to solve your dog’s separation anxiety and end the worry for you.

We help dog owners successfully teach their dogs to be comfortable while alone through easy to implement, daily exercises. We’ll help your dog relax, and you gain your freedom again.

Personalized Separation Anxiety Training for Stressed-out Dogs and Their People

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Proven methods

Certified through Julie Naismith’s SA Pro Program, we successfully lead dog owner’s through proven systems for making their dog comfortable while left alone.

Daily support & exercises

With an SA Pro trainer in your corner, you’ll perform daily exercises and receive in-depth reviews of your dog’s progress.

Success by the numbers

More than relying on our interpretation of your dog’s progress, we’ll collect data to ensure we’re making the best possible decisions in your dog’s training.

Modern, effective training

Using only the most up-to-date, humane, and effective methods, we’ll help your dog overcome their fear of being left alone.

Separation Anxiety Training

How it works

Initial Assessment (required)

We start with a 1-hour video consultation and live assessment to determine if your dog has separation anxiety and establish a starting point for training. We’ll discuss how the program works, what to expect from the training, and answer your questions. If it’s not separation anxiety, we’ll outline training options to help with the behavior issue.

4-Week Training Program

During the week, you’ll perform 5 easy, 30-minute exercises designed to get your dog used to you leaving. We’ll systematically build up to longer absences. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll feel supported at every step of your journey with your dog.

Once a week, we’ll meet to re-assess your dog’s behavior and use our meeting as an opportunity to check in with you as well – ensuring you’re feeling motivated and confident in your dog’s progress.

Waggin Tails Ranch Boarding and Daycare - Dachsunds


Initial Assessment – required


60 minute live video meeting

Live absence assessment

Overview of the program

Recording of our meeting

4-Week Training Program


Weekly 30 minute live video assessment and check-in session

Daily customized training exercises with tracking system (up to 5 days a week)

Daily review and feedback on your training sessions

Weekly support via messaging to help you as questions come up

Not sure if your dog has SA?

Common Questions

Is it Separation Anxiety?

The most common indicators of separation anxiety are (a dog may have some or all of these):

  • Vocalizing – barking, whining, howling
  • Panting, Salivating, Yawning
  • Destructiveness, typically around doors and windows, in an attempt to escape
  • House soiling (when otherwise house trained)

There are other reasons a dog might do these things. For example, frustrated dogs may also become destructive and vocal when alone. Dogs who are not completely house trained or have a medical issue may have accidents when you’re gone.

While treating separation anxiety is a process of helping dogs feel safe when alone, frustrated dogs can usually be helped with some modifications to their daily routine and environment. I can help in either case.

How long will it take?

Sadly, there is no way to predict how long it can take for a dog to feel safe when alone. Every dog is different, and progress depends on many factors. You can expect the process to be slow at first, with ups and downs along the way. It’s best to think in terms of months, not weeks. The training exercises are done 4-5 times a week and take about 30 minutes each day. I’ll be here to help you along the way and celebrate milestones as your dog makes progress.

Is all the training done remotely?

Yes. Today’s technology makes it easy to monitor and record your dog while you do the departure exercises. You’ll need a smart phone, desktop or laptop with stable internet access, webcam or security camera you can view and record on your phone. Don’t worry I’ll help you get things up and running if needed.

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