June is Pet Preparedness Month

While Kittitas County may not face hurricanes or tsunamis, we do have our share of emergencies like earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. Even a house fire can disrupt your life and your pet’s routine. With a little planning, you can keep your furry family safe during any unexpected event.

Here’s a friendly guide to get you started:

  • Microchip your pet and keep ID tags updated: This helps reunite you with your pet if you get separated. Include contact information for friends or family who can claim your pet if needed. Keep a current picture of your pet in your emergency kit.
  • Team up with a buddy: Share spare keys and pet info with a trusted neighbor or family member. They can evacuate your pet if you can’t make it home, and you can return the favor!
  • Know your evacuation options: Find out where pet-friendly shelters or campgrounds are located outside the evacuation zone. Remember, never leave your pet behind during an evacuation!
  • Keep them comfy and secure: Pack extra leashes for walks and crates to keep your pets safe from debris and danger zones. Include familiar bedding, treats, and toys to keep them calm. Don’t forget a litter box and disposable pan for your feline friends (aluminum pans work great!).
  • Practice makes perfect: Train your dog (or cat) to be comfortable in a crate. Shelters often use crates for housing pets during emergencies, and a familiar space can help reduce their anxiety.
  • Be prepared for medical needs: Keep a list of emergency vets outside the evacuation zone and ask your local vet if they have a disaster plan. Pack a first-aid kit with pet-specific items like self-stick bandages and gauze, along with a week’s supply of any medications your pet needs.
  • Pack for the adventure: Include a 3-7 day supply of food and water for each pet. Dry food is easy but consider adding some canned food for extra hydration in case of water shortages. Dehydrated food is lightweight for longer trips.
  • A little knowledge goes a long way: Pack a pet first-aid book and do some online research for a complete disaster preparedness checklists.

By taking these simple steps, you can create a peace of mind knowing you and your furry companions are prepared for anything.