Ellensburg’s preferred destination for dog boarding, daycare and training, for over twenty years.

Sit, Stay, Play (& Train)

Are you looking to…

…Give your dog the best stay & play experience?

Waggin Tails Ranch Boarding and Daycare - Dachsunds

Fun times for social dogs

With individualized care, fresh air and fun for your social dog, your time away will be worry-free for both you AND your furry friend.

…Raise a well-rounded puppy?

Waggin Tails Ranch Boarding and Daycare - Dachsunds

Puppy Training

Puppyhood is crucial to your dog’s development. We’ll make sure you’re off to a positive start with training and knowledge needed for a special bond with your puppy.

…Enroll in dog training classes?

Waggin Tails Ranch Boarding and Daycare - Dachsunds

Dog Training Classes

Whether you and your dog are just starting out together or need a brush-up, our classes focus on providing dog owners with skills to help you and your companion live your best lives together. 

…Solve specific dog behavior issues?

Waggin Tails Ranch Boarding and Daycare - Dachsunds

Private Training

Some issues require a one-on-one approach. Meet with a professional, certified dog trainer to help with your dog’s behavior and training challenges.

…Help your dog recover from separation anxiety?

Waggin Tails Ranch Boarding and Daycare - Dachsunds

Separation Anxiety

Feeling trapped because your dog panics when you leave? Our separation anxiety specialist will guide you through proven training to solve alone time issues.

Education, professionalism, and a commitment to dog owners who want the very best for their dog.

What sets Waggin’ Tails apart:

Over 20 years of experience and continued education

With over two decades under our belts, we’re still committed to regularly leveling up our skills to provide top-quality service.

A commitment to humane, modern, and effective methods

Your dog is a central part of your family and we believe they should be treated as such. Our staff is rigorously trained using only the most up-to-date, effective, and compassionate methods.

A partner in a lifetime of enjoyment with your dog

You’re committed to your dog and so are we. Well beyond our initial time together, we hope to be a regular part of you and your dog’s life with services for every stage.